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Jan 13, 2015 ... Here are my favourite blogs written by or for museum professionals:

a body of work: artist talks tours (Transformer)

When blogging first came onto the scene as a personal publishing platform, bloggers were often accustomed as amateur journalists and reporters, covering their favorite topics no matter how obscure or personal. Their websites didn’t need to be slickly designed, as long as the content spoke to somebody. But as blogs became more mainstream, many were gobbled up by big media companies, and suddenly, yesterday’s at-home press press became today’s online magazine. Some actual magazines, seeing crumbling sales, went all-digital, and today, blogs and annual websites are virtually indistinguishable. At least, as far as the formatting goes.

Museum of natural history

Jan 31, 2018 ... This is a museum blog, and I'm a blogger who recommends my peers. This is a collection of museum blogs to follow, read, and enjoy if you love ...

Top 50 Museum Websites, Blogs & Newsletters To Follow in 2019

After reviewing hundreds of museum websites and blogs, I’ve identified four attributes that the most successful museums share. They are: format, theme, cross-linking, and schedule. For this article, I’ve chosen 20 examples of blogs that are doing all of the above, a little of each, or absorption really hard on one.

Museum of selfies

Sep 6, 2019 ... Museum Blogs Best List. Find museum collection, museums in london, children's museum, museum art, history museum, modern art museum ...

Preservation, Care, Librarianship: Keeping Local Memory Alive

But the observation that really cut me to the quick was that many of those museums that even had blogs had trouble keeping them up to date or thematically consistent. I’m sure that many blogs are launched with good intentions, but more than 10% of the blogs I reviewed hadn’t been updated in over a year.

Museums near me for kids

Sep 7, 2018 ... Back in December, my colleague Eric Holter asked in his monthly newsletter if a museum's blog really matters. (Spoiler: It really does). One of ...

9 Museum Blogs I recommend

Last week, I had the account to manage a museum babble on Twitter, through a well-known profile called Museum Hour. Every Monday evening, at 8 pm GMT, many museum fans sign in to their Twitter accounts. Someone manages the conversation and asks questions, and anyone is free to respond. Every Monday there is a different topic, and I was managing a highly entertaining babble about – museum blogs!


Did you know the #MetKids digital feature has its own blog—made for, with, and by kids? Follow along with the Museum's young visitors from around the world.

Four Attributes of the Best Museum Blogs

To support Eric’s article, and highlight a deficiency of consistent institutional blogging, I conducted a not-so-scientific study of 100 museum’s websites to see how they were using a blogging platform, if at all. I used’s “highly opinionated” list of the best museums in the U.S. as my source, which includes museums of all different sizes and genres. Here are a few of my observations:

Museum of illusions los angeles

American Indian Museum Blog. Dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of all Native tribes of the Western Hemisphere.

Brown Girls Museum Blog — 2 brown girls blogging about museums

The first question I asked was a kind of “call for examples”. I wanted to apprehend what were some interesting museum blogs. Participants gave me many answers, and I decided to make a list of 9 museum blogs I recommend to all museum fans.

Museum of flight seattle

But this week I want to focus on a tweet by Dan Hicks who suggested instead of a definition we need museum verbs. The invocation was an important one. We're ...

A Toolkit for Trans Individuals, Institutions, & Coworkers

One of the benefits Eric accent is what’s known as the Long Tail Effect, which basically says that the almost-limitless accumulator of your website allows you to illuminate the treasures that you can’t display in your galleries — a little article for everyone. Your museum’s blog is also a place to produce social media fodder, actualize “related content” for your collections and programs, and to hone your museum’s brand. So yeah, we think that you’re missing out if your content action doesn’t include consistent blogging.

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